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The Leg Club®

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

In September we joined the Annual Leg Club Conference in Worcester. Although this was our first conference with the Leg Club, we have visited some of their community initiatives in the past. The aim of these Clubs is to create a holistic approach to all aspects of lower limb care and leg ulcers, delivered through a network of Leg Clubs around the country. Leg Clubs are a non-medical, social approach to care delivery and are held in community halls, rugby clubs and so on. The premise is a psychosocial, multidisciplinary approach enabling nurses, volunteers and Leg Club members (patients) time together for medical intervention and social interaction in a non-medical setting. Furthermore, they offer an opportunity for community nurses to work together which can help with professional development, whilst promoting best practice for members.

Ultimately the concept of a Leg Club is to focus on the well-being of the individual and promote self-management of the lower limb and/or wound. The concept has been extremely successful and there are now Leg Clubs across the UK, Europe and Australia. We think every town should have a Leg Club!

At the conference the Thesis team received a warm welcome from over 130 clinical delegates who were in attendance. Many of them were community nurses and tissue viability nurse teams and it was great that so many were already aware of our LimbO leg models – recommending and prescribing them to their patients.

For many individuals being unable to maintain personal hygiene has both a direct and indirect impact on quality of life in maintaining basic hygiene especially given it is so important to keep the dressing dry. LimbO is used by healthcare professionals around the world to help keep wounds clean and dry, which promotes the healing process whilst enabling the user to shower or bath without any issues. For more information about LimbO please visit our dedicated website.

Pictured are Gill Fielding from the Thesis team with Ellie Lindsay OBE, founder of the Leg Club, who is recognised worldwide for her inspiring initiative. More information about The Leg Club is available on their website at

It was a privilege to support such a pioneering organisation which champions community-based leg ulcer care. We look forward to being back with the team at the 2020 Conference.

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