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More than a Quarter of a Century of British Manufacturing


Thesis Technology Products was founded in 1993 by four colleagues who were previously senior managers at IBM in Havant, Hampshire: Ted Palmer, Trevor Nightingale, John Dudley and Mike Vigar.


The group began work on a couple of projects but, as is often the way, fate intervened: Mike Vigar fractured his leg and soon found himself confronted by the age-old problem – how to shower and keep his cast dry at the same time.


He called upon his colleagues to put their technical minds together - which they did - and came up with the very first LimbO [link] Waterproof Protector, a sturdy product made of reinforced PVC with a comfortable and effective neoprene seal.   This early LimbO prototype worked so well that the group realised there was a gap in the market and directed all their energy into the new project.


One of the major challenges was how to join the neoprene seal to the PVC tube; experimentation with various manufacturing techniques led to the development of bespoke specialist tooling in order to deliver a consistent weld, which provided the fledgling company with an efficient and reliable method of manufacture.


Production began at John’s home, before transferring to a garage and portacabin in Ted’s garden!  With just a handful of employees and assistance from orthopaedic practitioners at Southampton General Hospital, who provided both patient and their own feedback, the business began to take shape.  The patient order process was established and, with the help of advocates in the orthopaedic world, the LimbO started to gain recognition nationwide.


In around 2002, the company moved into larger rented premises where production and sales could be increased in line with awareness and demand.  Today, quarter of a century later, Thesis Technology Products has continued to grow year on year and now manufacturers an increasingly diverse range of products. The business occupies a factory and offices in Bosham, near Chichester, West Sussex, and the expanded product line is distributed around the world.  Now employing over 40 staff, and with a steady annual increase in turnover, Thesis Technology Products Ltd. still retains the values and feel of the original family business.

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