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man in shower wearing a full arm limbo waterproof protector

LimbO Waterproof Protectors for Casts and PICC Lines


The LimbO was the first product designed and manufactured by Thesis in 1994. Originally intended as a medical ‘device’ the first sales were made via a network of referrals by clinicians in fracture clinics, A&E and specialist departments within major hospitals.


Today the product is sold around the world via a number of channels, but clinicians remain a major part of the recommendation process. Whilst many have attempted to copy the LimbO, none have come close to recreating the quality of our solution, which is why it remains the market leader – The original and best.


From that first arm cast protector to a range of over 20 LimbO variants and accessories, the product has become our biggest selling product and inspired the development of other Thesis products, such as the Neocape. As well as improving the quality of life for those wearing temporary casts to support skeletal fractures and breaks, the LimbO is increasingly being used by those with longer term conditions such as diabetic ulcers or receiving ongoing treatment via PICC lines.


Due to its unique design, even the manufacturing tools required to produce a LimbO are designed and built by Thesis, making it a truly British invention from start to finish.


To find out more about The LimbO range or to buy your own, please visit your local website using the links below.

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