Why Prescription LimbOs Matter

Our LimbO foot model is the latest LimbO to be added to the NHS Drug Tariff. This is welcome news for patients with chronic foot wounds,...

Supporting the NHS

One of our core values is to maintain a strong ethical backbone in all areas of our business, whether that be helping our customers keep...

Supporting Overseas Trade

Whilst we are proud of our British roots, a key element of our success lies with building a presence in other countries and markets.

Weathering The Storm

The Covid-19 pandemic has created challenges which many businesses could never have foreseen. Like others, we have had to respond and pivot

Wound care and LimbO

Despite being created to protect broken limbs whilst bathing, the LimbO has become a well established part of wound care management.

Fit for Business

As Managing Director at Thesis, Ana Mardell has become convinced of the link between physical and mental health and business success