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Neocape - The Evolution of the Hairdressing Gown

Neocape is the revolutionary hairdressing gown produced by Thesis Technology Products.


The Neocape range incorporates a soft Neoprene collar creating a comfortable seal against the skin that stops hair and liquids from going down the neck. Using a design taken from our LimbO waterproof protectors, the Neocape has become the choice of gown for leading, high quality barbers and hairdressers around the World.


From its launch Neocape has become a firm favourite for the personal grooming sector, replacing old fashioned uncomfortable and ineffective nylon, string tied gowns.


Inheriting our company ethos, the Neocape has been designed to provide a more comfortable experience for the wearer. Available in a range of colours and sizes and with a collar only option Neocape is the quality alternative to cheaper, lower quality gowns.


If your salon or barber shop demands a better-quality experience for your customers, visit your local Neocape web shop to order yours today.

two men wearing different coloured full length unigowns
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