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Reducing Plastic with the Fish Sculpture Initiative

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

The very nature of our products means that we are all too aware that we are a heavy user of plastic. Therefore we are keen to always seek to mitigate our impact on our environment, so are pleased to share that we are supporting the team at Gloweasy Promotions with a new initiative to reduce plastic. We’ve worked with Gloweasy over the years – they use and promote environmentally friendly products and activities and are passionate about eco-friendly promotional options. The team have helped us source many of the promotional items we’ve chosen to share at our conference and exhibitions. 

Gloweasy is based in Cornwall, which is famous for its beautiful landscapes, coastline and wildlife. Its beaches attract thousands of visitors who leave a lot of waste. Par Beach, near to the Gloweasy team’s HQ, is suffering due to the sheer amount of plastic waste and rubbish it’s experiencing which is in turn harming the marine life and beauty of the beach. Gloweasy is raising funds to create and install Cornwall’s first beach sculpture for waste - a huge steel wired beautiful fish for the purpose of collecting single use plastics, plastic rubbish, litter and other plastic waste. The aim is for the fish sculpture to have a huge open mouth to put the waste material with a "Feed me not the ocean" sign displayed to encourage visitors to use it.

The purpose of the sculpture will be three-fold: 

1. It will keep the beach free from hazardous plastic and other waste material. 2. It will be a symbol of how plastic is affecting marine life as well as the beach for visitors.  3. It will create an awareness for all visitors in an effort to ensure that everyone will help keep beaches the clean, beautiful and amazing places they should be.  We’re very proud to be supporting this fantastic initiative. More information, and progress updates, are available at, and of course a kind £5.00 donation will help the Gloweasy team reach their goal!

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