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Back to the Barbers – Neocapes Now Available in Green!

As clients return, many barbers and stylists have been concerned about the huge environmental impact which ongoing restrictions and the need for PPE create – those throwaway capes, gloves and masks soon start piling up, and add an extra cost too. Neocape has always been a solid environmental choice and its strong green credentials mean it continues to offer a safe option for all.

With barbers and salons reopening, it’s sometimes tricky to get the balance of getting back to work safely and sticking to PPE requirements, whilst keeping a sense of sustainability. So how can Neocape help?

  • Reduced waste – with Neocape there’s no need for barber tape with each client, especially if you’re passing over a barber wipe. In this situation you can simply wipe down the neoprene.

  • Reduced washing – Neocape’s unique hairstop seal means you’ll use less towels as one won’t be needed for the neck. You’ll just need one for the hair after a wash, so you’ll use half the number.

  • Quality over quantity - Neocape gowns, collars and capes offer a quality reusable item which can be used over and over again. With the right care a single Neocape can be used for many years, reducing waste significantly.

Since Neocape was first created we’ve worked hard to incorporate sustainable practices across everything we do at Thesis as well as partner with companies that have strong green credentials. Neocapes are made using premium neoprene from the Yamamoto Corporation in Japan. The hydrocarbons in the neoprene come from limestone, rather than oil. This option is much more environmentally sound and very different to other neoprenes that are available. (Can you now guess how we came up with the name Neocape?!)

Over the past three years we've reduced the amount of plastic we use in all our products - not just the Neocape - with an aim of making our business eco-friendlier for the future. Some of the steps we’ve already taken include reducing the packaging inside orders and using biodegradable and compostable polythene for our promotional bags. We also reuse, repurpose and recycle wherever possible - we are piloting an initiative where every gown includes a pattern to repurpose them into a carrier bag when their life as a quality salon item is over.

And back at HQ we’re making sustainable choices in the companies we choose to work with for our business supplies and marketing materials - for printing and promotional items we work with Gloweasy Promotions in St Austell, who pride themselves on being the market leader in supplying eco green promotional materials.

We know we still have a long way to go, but we hope you'll join us for the journey!

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