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Amputation Awareness - Supporting the Diabetic Foot Amputation Cycle Ride

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

We were delighted to again sponsor the Diabetic Foot Amputation Cycle Ride which took place on the 7th and 8th July. The event helps raise much needed awareness about how many amputations take place each week as a result of diabetic leg ulcers. The team cycle one mile for each amputation which means that this year 176 miles were required in the saddle compared to last year’s 160 miles. This horrific problem is clearly getting worse.  

One of the problems caused by diabetes is reduced feeling or sensation in the feet and lower limbs. This can make it impossible to feel any cuts or burns in these areas, or even tell if shoes are rubbing. As a result the ability to heal from any trauma is also affected.

Foot trauma in diabetes patients is more likely to lead to serious infection. 85% of all diabetes related amputations start with at least a single foot ulcer, so preventing that foot ulcer or break in the skin can save a limb. These problems lead to:

- 176 leg, foot or toe amputations a week in England alone 

- 80% of these amputations are considered preventable

Pictured completing the ride is Mark Allatt, from the medical company Integra. Mark is behind the Diabetic Foot Amputation Cycle Ride initiative and has been a significant supporter of our LimbO product over the years. As part of the ride, Mark chose to wear four of our LimbOs to catch attention and raise awareness of how they can help support and promote recovery in cases of diabetic leg ulcers, skin breaks or wounds. LimbOs are also popular with amputees.

Also pictured with Mark is Rob Yates of Wounds UK / Omniamed Communications who completed the ride too.

For further information about Diabetes Foot care, please visit the Diabetes UK, or the College of Podiatry website. For more information about LimbO please visit our dedicated website.

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