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A Business Driven by Values


Having started as a small family business, family values are ingrained in everything we do. After 25 years, the company has grown and we now employ over 40 people and sell our products around the World, but those same values still underpin our approach to business.


As a family business, we strongly believe that company values cannot be enforced and must have the buy in of our entire team. Our values are determined by the whole company and we regularly review them to ensure we continue to embody them in everything we do.


The Thesis Technology values are:

Integrity, reliability, respect, innovation, service, commitment, expertise, trust, empathy, quality


We happily invite feedback from our staff and customers and always use this to evaluate the quality of the products and service we deliver. We accept reviews from all our customers, by 2018 our LimbO website had passed over 8,000 review, and we regular sit down on a one-to-one basis with our team members and encourage them to share their experiences with the Directors. This open communication drives new and innovative product ideas, changes to the working environment and improves the quality and efficiency of our production and service delivery


Corporate social Responsibility

As a growing business we know that we have a responsibility to our community, economy and our environment and we take this seriously.


As a manufacturer - We are aware that we are a heavy user of plastic and seek to mitigate our impact on our environment by continually reviewing our products, packaging and processes to reduce use of plastics and natural resources

As an employer - We are proud to pay the Real Living Wage

As a business - We apply fair and affordable pricing to our patient focused products, so as to help as many people as possible

As part of our community - We actively seek out and support charities, which include:

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